A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

As a parent you want your children to be safe and under the watchful eyes of a responsible adult as often as possible. You put a lot of trust in those you leave your children with, but what happens if they are not up to the task? If your child has injuries caused by this kind of negligence, you have options.

Amanda L. Rose is a lawyer who makes a point of personal dedication and high standards of service to each of her clients. She is also a parent and singularly understands what it means to struggle with this breach of trust.

You can count on our firm to be clear-headed and empathetic in your pursuit of the compensation you deserve for this negligence.

Common Child Injury Scenarios

When we talk about child injuries, we think more about falls from bikes and skinned knees. These are simple things that basic first aid can handle, but the real problems are injuries such as:

  • Sports injuries: Relaxed attitudes toward safety gear such as helmets in T-ball can cause brain injuries with devastating outcomes.
  • Gym class injuries: Teachers must follow guidelines and standards in regard to safety when it comes to the children in their care.
  • Playground injuries: Playgrounds must be monitored, and the facilities must be safe for all kids to use.
  • Amusement facilities injuries: Amusement facilities, including roller rinks, pools and amusement parks, should have clear safety rules that all employees respect and follow.

If negligence puts your child's future and health at risk, you do not need to let that go. We will work to get you the settlement you deserve to cover the expenses and difficulties these injuries caused you.

Trust A Lawyer Who Shows That She Cares

We care about our clients and will do what we can under New York law to provide reasonable, pragmatic representation for their injuries. Children are especially vulnerable, and we work hard for the best outcomes for them. Contact our office Amanda L. Rose, Attorney at Law, in Mayfield, by calling 1-800-407-7142.